Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sister Souljah at Eso Won 12/2/08

Running, as usual but wanted to share these photos from Sister Souljah's booksigning for "Midnight" A Gangster Love Story. This Mom of nine is teaching her kids early about the importance of reading.

Jaaye Person-Lynn and Sister Souljah. I gave him her book "Midnight" when I took him to the airport for Thanksgiving and when I picked him up a week later he had read all but the last 41 pages. We scurried from the airport to Eso Won for the signing and he got to quiz her on some of her characters. He recommends the book, written from the perspective of a 14 year-old male. I am using her book "No Disrespect" in my college English class at West L.A. College, but The Coldest Winter Ever also has received high accolades.

Photos by Isidra Person-Lynn (Me!) For more from that night visit the slideshow:

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