Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Presidential debates a la You tube

My son was texted this joke earlier. It actually made us laugh out loud: What black man can repeatedly beat a white woman in public and get away with it?
Answer: Barack Obama.

And so, I bring you to my point about this presidential race via the Internet. The revolution will not be televised, but it will be thwarted on the Internet.

My son is recently in from studying this past month in Colorado, so he missed the viral messages back and forth. We played "Derrick" for him...the black young man the white reporter couldn't trip up in his impromptu interview. We also had him listen to Derrick's response which was just as profound. Then we found an interview with Derrick and his band that made me want to buy his album and nominate him as Barack's running mate.

Our son told us of the You Tube video of a man claiming to have had all kind of crazy homosexual encounters with Obama. Somebody Sinclair. Then we saw another one from a gay black man that was actually a spoof of Sinclair's. The first was reading. My husband found a story on him and how he was in a mental institution. The second was just raw. Neither made the news, nor should they have. The media is more and more savvy about Internet hoaxes.

Earlier last month, I received one talking about Barack being Muslim and how he was going to take over the world. There are Hillary hit pieces as well, and the cacophony of voices is deafening.

This presidential race is not for the faint of heart. But folks, lest we forget, take the high road. Publish PostIt is too easy to carry a bone. Check it out on before forwarding or better yet, let's just bury them.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Me? A Filmmaker??? What an Experience!

Walking Tall, The Life and Wife of Walt Walker Executive Producer, Gail Parker who co-directed with Isidra Person-Lynn | 54 Mins
I also wrote and narrated it!

Join Us Feb. 15 or 16 at PAFF

My co-director, Gail Parker, just pulled off, after having given me one of the biggest "gifts" of my life: My director's pass to the Pan African Film Festival. Not only does it make me one of the filmmakers--it means I get to go and see the other filmmakers' works!

When I brought it inside, I turned it over in my palm, and showed it to my husband. Kwaku has entered a film in the last two Festivals, 2006 and 2007. And here I am carrying on the family tradition with 2008. So that's why he and I put the passes on the post just to sit there and marvel at them.

Last week Gail, William Byers and I received an email that our film had been nominated for best short documentary. Man! What an honor. Gail asked if I would go to the luncheon. I told her "No, it is good enough to have been nominated." (Of course I want to go, but the competition is stiff. If we don't win, I don't want to spoil the glow of having been nominated! But, we may as well go and congratulate the winners...)

For every long night, for every butt blister, for every dead end when trying to research Mr. Walker's life, for every three way debate and 1000's of emails, this moment that I received the pass is all worth it.

I believe I can fly.

Thank you God, and thank you, Kwaku for the wind.

JOIN US!! For random photos from the Making Of Walking Tall and Beyond Click here. . Now, if you are over 60, the movie is supposed to be free on Friday, Feb 15 (the 1 p.m. showing). Saturday morning, Feb 16, the movie is only $7.75 (matinee.) After that, we will have DVD's to sell, and this all helps Mrs. Walker, Walt's wife and business partner of 62 years. At 87, she will be there with bells on.