Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hack a Barack-- Get back to Bush, Obama!

I am reading the headlines that presidential hopeful Barack Obama is again distancing himself from his now more famous Pastor Jeremiah Wright.

Now that you have said that, Senator, please go back to your stunning offense and hammer away the message that the country President Bush is leaving you to lead is a mess and it is largely because of HIS POLITICS, not his pastor's.

Every day another industry is raising prices, another company is going under. Circuit City? Have you been to a store lately to see how much wheat and other foods have become? Forget the earthquake food you should be saving. You might as well stock up on Depression food, now, while you can.

The Bush administration has sold this country out from underneath us, has allowed the oil companies to put us in a headlock, and has left many children behind. You are popular because you offer a change, and this is why the media is fighting so hard against you. Why else would Pastor Wright's actions be made out to be worse than the lies Hillary has told or the fact that her husband is conducting business totally opposite of what she is proclaiming? Had you done either of these things or if you were at the helm when the country was a mess, you would have been thrown under the bus long ago.

This is what you must do: When they ask you about Wright, start talking about Bush. You've already answered them, so YOU move on. Keep your eyes focused, do not feel you have to answer every question. Keep providing us with your thoughtful solutions, and don't let up. In this case the best defense is a strong offense. Hillary is not the enemy. You have beaten her by my count. Instead, keep Bush and the Republican party in front of your sight because THAT is what we all want relief from. That is why we want you in there.

The American media is using the Hack a Barack...over and over again. It slows the game and turns the voters off. Take a page out of Kobe's book: It's the 4th quarter. Just take over the game.

Yes, my metaphors are mixed but I hope my message is clear. It ain't over.