Saturday, December 2, 2006

Finally got here

Hello all. Yes, I have blogs about various things: the kids travels, my clients. But, this blog is for me and you. There are things that have been my experience I would love to share. I'd like to save you from all the trouble I went through.

My area of interest is technology and parenting. I hope there is something you can learn from my experiences.

Here's experience #1: No matter how chubby you are, how big your forehead or how thick your glasses, someone on planet earth will think you are beautiful. The most important thing is for you to think you are beautiful. Once you have defined beauty to include your big heart, your thick skin and your willingness to share, you too will see the beauty.

I started out life all of those things. Oddly enough, in the 5th decade I am still bigheaded, still wearing glasses and still chubby! But! I love me, I have a husband who loves me, children who love me and a Mom, siblings, aunts uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews who love me. I cannot say that for all the beauty queens of my high school.

God did allow me a brief period of phsyical beauty--from my teens til the birth of my second child. When I look back on pictures I say "Hey, I wasn't that fat, and my head didn't look so big." I even went through a major payback period when I thought I was a real fox. That wasn't much fun. Too many girls hated me who once felt comfortable with me. And I really did not like being mean to guys who once did not know I existed. I feel comfortable here, where I live...somewhere in the middle:

Oh, sure, I would like to weigh less. I am working on that. But losing weight will not make me one iota more beauitful than I am right now.
Did you know you can use your Ipod as a flash drive? When you insert your IPOD into your computer, you can set it up to "Enable disk use in Itunes," Then, whenever you are at a friends and you need that file, put it on your IPOD and load it when you get home. That's been my experience.