Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Five Hours--and that was Sunday

I was there on Sunday at the Norwalk mecca for voters. I left to get there at 8 a.m. but was surprised that I got there at 7 a.m. because of the end of daylight savings time. (Yes, Sherese, I forgot.) And after almost 5 hours, I got in my car, blasted Usher's "Yeah" down the freeway and grinned all the way home.

Of course, I voted for Obama for President. But of the six candidates on the ballot, THREE were Black...Obama, Cynthia McKinney and Alan Keyes.
Imagine that!

My son had gone the night before and stood in line 3 hours. He did that after a day of campaigning with Mark Ridley-Thomas for Supervisor, traversing the County from community to community (of every hue) and Obama campaign offices hither, thither and yon.

My five hours were some of the happiest in recent memories, meeting other voters--many African Americans--but all races were chatting it up. It is amazing what strangers tell you, but there was no lag in conversation. I used the time to grade papers but almost missed my number when they called it in the big tent. Heard it only when it was prefaced by "Last Call!"

There is a photo of Barack crying for his grandmother, which I was happy to see him be able to release all the pressure he is under. There is no telling what other death threats he and his family must be receiving. Them, to layer on top of that the loss of a grandmother. G-mas are very important in our families; moreso in Barack's as she was his rock while Mom was working. I had one of those til two years ago. Mother Marge was 96 when she passed. Her loss and burial consumed our family for a long time. My prayers are with the Obama family.

His best gift would be a win. Please do what you can. Until our election celebration tomorrow at West L.A. College's Umoja program, make it happen!

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